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Interested in joining our team in Syracuse? If you’re looking for a part-time job where you can learn valuable workforce skills and get involved in your community, then consider becoming one of our Resident Assistants! You’ll help provide our residents with exceptional customer service, making Centen the great community that it is. We provide competitive hourly rates as well as discounted rent for your apartment! Not only will you get a sweet discount on your rent, but you’ll also learn important skills for future careers in business, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Open Positions

Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant is a student member of the staff who works closely with residents in the buildings. Our RA's live in the building and are responsible for helping residents adjust and grow. As a staff member, RA's will work to maintain communication between management and residents and assist in a multitude of administrative tasks. The majority of the RA's responsibilities involve direct contact with residents. One of the most important RA responsibilities is to be available to, and spend time with, all residents in the building.

Senior Resident Assistant

A Senior Resident Assistant is an undergraduate or graduate student that serves as a link between management and residents, as well as the implementation of policies, procedures, sales and regulations. The SRA is responsible for a broad range of functions in the community and supervisor of the RA staff.

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We are located in Syracuse, New York on the SUNY ESF campus. We hope you join our campus community!

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